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Why Choose Us?

01  Professional Advice

Principle is a Graduate of Accounting, a Chartered Accountants ANZ member (CA), a Fellow of the National Tax and Accountants Association (NTAAF), and has several years experience in public practice specialising in small and medium sized entities.

02  Reasonable Fees

We believe we charge reasonably for the value we provide our clients.  Where possible we streamline workflows, and incorporate new technology to improve efficiencies and reduce your overall costs.  Fixed fees are available to give cost certainty.

03  Independent

We are a small practice, that focuses on accounting and taxation matters.  By design, we do not have in-house Finance advisor, Insurance or Mortgage broking services.  By referring these services to external parties we avoid conflicts of interest that would otherwise arise, and maintain our independence.

04  Online/Virtual Appointments

Whilst most clients see us in our CBD office, we readily accept virtual appointments.  This gets us face-to-face and helps enable a better overall understanding of your accounting and tax matters, whilst reducing the time spent away from your business.   

05  Complete Accounting Solutions

Our focus on small and medium sized enterprises has led to the development of a complete end-to-end solution for our clients.  Many run businesses in Company and/or Trust structures, owned via their Family/Discretionary trust, distributing into their personal names and/or bucket companies, with an SMSF being used to hold the commercial property the business is being run from.

Contact our office today to organise a free consultation so we can better understand your needs and to find out how we can help.

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