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Personal Tax

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Our Tax Accountants can assist with the most complicated of tax matters.


We simplify complex matters by breaking them into pieces.  All personal tax returns essentially include two items.  Income and Expenses.



We regularly cover the following types of income in our personal tax returns:

- Capital Gains

- Rental Properties

- Employee share schemes

- Forex gains/losses

- Trust distributions

- Dividends

- Foreign Income

- Sole trader income


When preparing your return, we will review any expense you think may be relevant, and provide accurate advice on whether it can be claimed as a deduction. If you think something may be relevant, we always suggest, keep the receipt and lets go through during an appointment.


Australian tax residency and where you were born and/or were you currently live do not necessarily align.  Changing residency can have significant tax consequences.  When entering/leaving Australia we recommend you receive expert tax advice on how this change will effect you.  Our accountants are skilled at working through residency issues, and can advise as needed.

What else do we regularly cover?

Div 293, FBT, Salary Sacrifice arrangements, Change in tax residency, Medicare exemptions, Excess super contributions charges, other ATO matters (objections, audit, penalty remittance, administration).

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