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Data Cloud

Cloud accounting solutions are generally suitable for most small business applications.  On occasion your accounting solution may need to be partnered/integrated with additional software products to provide a complete solution for your business.

Cloud based solutions:

We recommend:

- Xero


- Simple Fund 360

- Class Super


Other cloud based solutions:


- Wave


Software we refuse to work with:

- None, we are willing to work with your software of choice.

Single Touch Payroll:

Both Xero and QBO are Single Touch Payroll (STP) ready. 


Receipt-Bank (Free for all clients):

In addition to using cloud based accounting software, we recommend clients commence using Receipt-bank as their cloud based receipt storage/data extraction software.  Receipt-bank integrates well with both Xero and QBO, helping your business go completely paperless.

For assistance in moving your business to cloud based accounting software, please contact our office at your convenience.

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