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Structuring Advice

We believe there is no one best structure for all scenarios.  There are generally pro's and con's of each potential entity used to hold assets or run businesses.  In some scenarios, a simple Pty Ltd company suits best, whilst at other times it simply doesn't.

Our business accountants provide advice on the most suitable, tax effective structure for your scenario, and implement the setup as needed.

Structures often include:

- Company

- Unit Trust

- Discretionary Trust

- Various combinations of trusts and companies.

Tax Planning

Understanding your future tax liabilities now will better enable your business to:

- Operate with reduced Stress

- Better manage it's cash flow

- Make tax effective decisions now

- Make tax effective decisions before the 30 June (year end).

Business Advice

Our business accountants are readily available to provide one off or ongoing business advice related to the following:

- Purchases

- Valuations

- Forecasting

- Budgeting

- Business model analysis


We have a number of trusted legal advisors we refer to for the following matters:

- Insolvency

- Partnership disputes

- General commercial issues

- Lease agreements

- Tax legal matters

Contact our office today to organise a free consultation so we can better understand your needs and to find out how we can help.

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